Sprinklers Lead To Water Conservation

Whether we like it or not, the era of conservation is here for fuel, power and other essentials. Conservation includes our most basic resource – water. Areas like Plano, Richardson and Garland, and the north Dallas Metroplex in general have a booming population growth with no new sources of water. Texas has passed new regulation requiring irrigation systems to be inspected and held to written design standards (similar to electrical and plumbing systems in homes and commercial buildings). Cities now require people installing new irrigation systems to submit plans for approval, followed by Plano TX city inspection to ensure they work properly and comply with the irrigation plan. https://topsintexas.com/

As a sign of more conservation to come, the federal EPA has blocked the construction of every new reservoir that the North Texas Municipal Water District had planned for growth. Our only choice is to start using our water as efficiently as possible, using high technology. Ideally this can be done at the time of a sprinkler repair in Plano or upgrade. One of the recent solutions over the past few years have been ET (EvapoTranspiration) controllers or Smart controllers. Since these products work based on historical weather data (which has become more unpredictable) and most are difficult to operate, their success has been limited.

Fortunately, it has not taken long for more robust solutions to be developed. Currently the most effective method for efficient water use in a landscape is soil moisture sensors. These are sophisticated instruments which precisely measure the water content of soil. The moisture sensor is like the thermostat in a house. When the house gets cold, the furnace comes on; similarly when the soil gets dry, the sprinklers turn on. Currently there are affordable sensors on the market, which can be added to almost any existing system as well as on new systems. This one simple sprinkler repair or addition to a sprinkler system cuts landscape water usage on average by 50%, easily paying for itself in less than 24 months.