Does Every Yahoo Email Header Trace To Sunnyvale California? YahooMail Login

Many times a potential client will approach me with a question about tracing a email address back to the sender. It’s usually about identifying the person behind an email in a cyber stalking investigation. What usually happens is they took the header from a Yahoo email address and then submitted to some software program or automatic form that is supposed to trace the email back to the sender. If only life were simple. yahoo mail sign in

Unfortunately there is simply no automatic or automated way to analyze an email header and trace it back to the senders. As in the case with the attempted Yahoo email trace this automated method mistakenly traced the email back to Yahoo headquarters in Sunnyvale California. This information is not at all helpful in locating or identifying a cyber stalker in any way shape or form. In order to actually trace an email you need to have a professional investigator with both training and experience in examining headers to correctly determine which IP address in the header is from the sender.

About fifty percent of the times I have a client tell me they attempted to trace a header or analyze a header I will ultimately find that they traced their own IP address. The recipients of the email in stead of the sender. This is also a very common rookie mistake. When a client tells me they have obtained an IP on their stalker I take it with a grain of salt and leave that information to the side until I can confirm it myself.

But tracing an email with a reverse email search is a very hot topic on the Internet. Everyday millions people are searching the web to find out simple steps to locate and identify a person through a reverse email search. So unscrupulous get rich quick artists have taken advantage of that interest by steering the searchers away from professional investigators that are trained and experienced in email tracing. Instead they lure these desperate victims into web sites that offer instant data base searches and automated header tracing services that provide inaccurate results.

So if you found this article because you tried to trace a Yahoo email header and you wound up in Sunnyvale California it’s best that you consult with an actual email tracing expert that knows what he’s doing. A professional will not just examine the headers but there are many steps to actually trace an email back to the sender. It’s far more that a simple header trace. A professional will also be able to document his findings in AA report that can be submitted as an exhibit in court and an actual expert can testify under oath to his findings.