Book Review – Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonalds

The book, “Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonalds” by Ray Kroc, is about the Ray Kroc and how he made McDonalds. Another book about McDonalds, “McDonalds: Behind the Golden Arches”, discusses in intricate detail about the operational and business side on how McDonalds became a worldwide business success. This book, “Grinding It Out”, is an autobiographical perspective on McDonalds and Ray Kroc. It is a success story on persistence and perseverance. www mcdvoice com

Most people are familiar with the Golden Arches and McDonalds. Unless you are involved with the McDonald’s franchise or have a keen sense of franchising and business, you are probably not familiar with Ray Kroc. He has since passed away several decades ago but his impact on business is continuous. Ray Kroc is probably known for creating the McDonald’s franchise which makes more hamburgers than any other single entity in history. It also makes more fries and other food items. It is becoming one of the largest distributors of coffee, salads, etc. These are food items that Ray Kroc would not have imagined being a part of the franchise.

This book is Ray Kroc’s autobiography especially his venture with the McDonald’s franchise. Back in 1950’s, he expanded upon the idea of the McDonald’s restaurant into a business model that was unheard of. When Mr. Kroc happened to run into the McDonalds restaurant, he was fascinated that this single restaurant needed several milk shake mixers. He sold them several milk shake mixers. Upon arriving at McDonalds, he noticed the long lines of people wanting to buy hamburgers, fries, and milkshakes. The menu was simple and direct. He wanted to open another McDonald’s restaurant. The McDonald brothers were more than happy to share their operation with Mr. Kroc. This would not be possible, nor plausible, in our present times. The concept of franchising was introduced to expand the McDonald’s restaurant.

There were plenty of restaurants around back then. In fact, Burger King was even bigger than McDonalds then. The book, “Grinding It Out”, is Mr. Kroc’s account on how he developed McDonalds. He looked for franchisees. It may seem surprising now but this was a difficult process. He was looking for people who were looking for ways to make more money and who were able to duplicate his restaurant.

The people behind the success of McDonalds makes the story interesting. When McDonalds succeeded, the people affiliated with it also succeeded such as the bread makers, the potato supplier, the franchisees, etc. “Grinding It Out” summarizes Mr. Kroc’s will to grind it out and succeed.