Google mobile app analytics - feature comparison

There has been quite a lot of buzz over the past few weeks after Google launched its new analytics platform for mobile apps to the general public. It had been in Beta for a while, and our team here at App Insights had been testing out the system.

As Google's offering grows in both features and popularity, the number one question coming from potential customers will no doubt be "What's the difference between App Insights and Google mobile app analytics?", and "Why would I pay for your service when Google offer it to me for free?". To help answer both questions as simply as possible, we have put together a quick feature comparison table; feel free to share this with your colleagues and friends!

FeatureApp InsightsGoogle Analytics
Detailed, easy to use, "out of the box" analytics. Yes Yes
Unlimited, personal, direct support by email/telephone Yes No
Daily data limit Unlimited 50,000 without limitation
Custom event tracking allowing you to track any event in your app Yes Yes
Exportable customised report tables Yes Yes
Customisable graphs and charts Yes Limited to specific metrics categories
Real-time tracking Yes Yes
Separation of 'in development' versions, preventing inaccurate data Yes No
Share your analytics reports with clients and co-workers Yes Yes
Dedicated client interface giving your clients online access to data related to their app Yes No
Accurate time-stamping of data for offline devices Yes Yes
Batching to save on battery and connection overhead Yes Yes
Secure Yes Yes
Data is owned by the App Developer Yes No
Available for iOS and Android Yes Yes
Developed from the ground up specifically targeted at mobile applications Yes No
Google account not required Yes No